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Biblical Counseling

We believe the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God, which is sufficient for all of life. We have trained and experienced counselors committed to the sufficiency of Scripture in order to offer practical biblical solutions to the problems of life. Biblical counseling is done by Christians who are convinced that God is able to make the changes necessary as His Word is ministered in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Biblical solutions for marriage, family, and other life dominating problems provided by qualified and experienced counselors - all at no charge to you.

Why People Come for Counseling

Marriage and Family Problems
Divorce and remarriage
Fear and panic
Grief and suffering
Drug and alcohol addiction
Homosexuality / Lesbianism
Attempted suicide
Financial problems
Other life-dominating problems

Goals of Biblical Counseling

Biblical counseling has many goals, but our primary goal is to help develop a whole-hearted love for God and others.  Another goal of biblical counseling is to help meet the various challenges of life in a way that will always please and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

Uniqueness of Biblical Counseling

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to our most basic problems. The Bible is the counselor's main tool. The Holy Spirit imparts gifts to the counselor to guide and give hope through the Scripture. Prayer and dependence upon God are essential parts of biblical counseling.  Hope can be found and change can be accomplished as the Word of God is ministered in the power and working of the Holy Spirit.

To claim that the Scripture is sufficient, though, does not mean that reading the Bible is all that is needed. For example, working with a physician is certainly sensible and wise whenever there is a possibility of physical or organic causes relating or contributing to your problems.

Counseling is a Ministry of the Church

Counseling is most effective when incorporated as part of the local church. We need the help of all combined church ministries. We need to hear the preaching and teaching of God's Word to motivate growth and change. We need the love and fellowship of other believers for relationships that will assist and encourage you. We need godly leaders who themselves are growing and changing to teach you by their example.

The church encourages, motivates, and challenges believers to "love and good works" (Heb. 10:24). A counseling ministry provides practical, relevant help based upon sound biblical principles that enable you to be adequately equipped for every good work (2 Tim. 3: 17).