Sunday Meeting Times:
Sunday School: 9:30 a.m.
Sunday Morning: 10:45 a.m.
Small Groups: 6:00 p.m. (various locations in Tulsa and Owasso)

Our address is:
Grace Bible Church
7415 East 15th Street
Tulsa, OK 74112

Grace Bible Church is located halfway between Memorial and Sheridan on 15th.

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Photo of the church building.

Contact us:
Call (918) 834-4440 or email us.

We welcome your communication. Feel free to ask for a personal visit with one of our pastors.

The Women of Grace meet at the church on Tuesdays at 9:30-11:30 a.m. for in-depth Bible study, lecture, and prayer time. Homework assignments are explored in the dynamic of small discussion groups. The goal of such studies is to encourage older women to instruct younger women to love their husbands, their children, and to be keepers at home as they grow in Christ-like character.

Faith - A Bible Study on James for Women by Keri Folmar

Date Passage Audio
9/9/2014 Faith during Trials (Jas. 1:1-11) — Week 1, days 1-3 Download
9/16/2014 Faith during Trials (Jas. 1:1-11) — Week 1, days 4-5 Download
9/23/2014 Faith when Tempted (Jas. 1:12-18) — Week 2, days 1-3 Download
9/30/2014 Faith when Tempted (Jas. 1:12-18) — Week 2, days 4-5 Download
10/07/2014 Faith in Action (Jas. 1:19-27) — Week 3, days 1-3 Download
10/14/2014 Faith in Action (Jas. 1:19-27) — Week 3, days 4-5 Download
10/21/2014 Faithful Love (Jas. 2:1-13) — Week 4, days 1-3 Download

JOY! A Bible Study on Philippians for Women by Keri Folmar

Jan. 21, 2014Lesson 1: Joy in Partnership (Phlippians 1:1-11)Download
Jan. 28, 2014Lesson 2: Joy in the Advance of the Gospel (Phlippians 1:12-18)Download
Feb. 11, 2014Lesson 3: Joy in Living for Christ (Philippians 1:18b-30)Download
Feb. 18, 2014Lesson 4: Joy in Humility and Exaltation (Philippians 2:1-11)Download
Feb. 25, 2014Lesson 5: Joy at Work (Philippians 2:12-30)Download
Mar. 11, 2014Lesson 6: Joy in the Knowledge of Christ (Philippians 3:1-11)Download
Mar. 25, 2014Lesson 7: Joy for the Prize (Philippians 3:12-4:1)Download
Apr. 1, 2014Lesson 8: Rejoice! (Philippians 4:2-9)Download
Apr. 8, 2014Lesson 9: Joy in Every Circumstance (Philippians 4:10-32)Download
Apr. 15, 2014Lesson 10: For Your Joy (Philippians Overview)Download

Nehemiah: A Study by John MacArthur

According to John MacArthur: “The walls of Jerusalem were in ruins. The remnant of Israel longed to go home and rebuild them. Under Nehemiah, the Jews returned to Jerusalem and rebuilt the walls, in spite of enemy attacks and opposition. Through it all, the hand of God was evident, just as it is in world affairs today.

Three major themes are seen in the Book of Nehemiah:

  1. careful attention to the reading of God’s Word in order to do His will,
  2. the constant obedience of Nehemiah, and
  3. repeated enemy opposition.

Through it all, God orchestrated the re-construction of the walls of His City to accomplish His purpose and plan for then and now.”

Each week, as we answer the homework questions from the study guide, we will make observations about the passage, contemplate the “why” behind what is written, and consider together how to practice what we are learning each week. Lectures will be posted weekly on the site.

Sessions on Nehemiah (2013)

Sept. 3, 2013Lesson 1: A Man with a Burden (Nehemiah 1)Download
Sept. 10, 2013Lesson 2: God’s Man with God’s Plan (Nehemiah 2)Download
Sept. 17, 2013Lesson 3: Wall Builders! (Nehemiah 3)Download
Sept. 24, 2013Lesson 4: Opposition to the Work (Nehemiah 4)Download
Oct. 1, 2013Lesson 5: Walls Between the Wall Builders (Nehemiah 5)Download
Oct. 8, 2013Lesson 6: Mission Accomplished (Nehemiah 6)Download
Oct. 15, 2013Lesson 7: Rebuilding the People Inside the Walls (Nehemiah 7)Download
Oct. 22, 2013Lesson 8: The Power of the Word (Nehemiah 8)Download
Oct. 29, 2013Lesson 9: Getting Right with God (Nehemiah 9)Download
Nov. 5, 2013Lesson 10: Making a Fresh Start (Nehemiah 10)Download
Nov. 12, 2013Lesson 11: Rededicating the Wall (Nehemiah 11 & 12)Download
Nov. 19, 2013Lesson 12: Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures (Nehemiah 13)Download

Old Sessions on Romans (2012-2013)

Sept. 4, 2012Study 1: Romans 1:1-17
Introducing the Gospel
Sept. 11, 2012Study 2: Romans 1:18-32
The Pagans Need the Gospel
Sept. 18, 2012Study 3: Romans 2:1-16
The Religious Need the Gospel (I)
Sept. 25, 2012Study 4: Romans 2:17-3:8
The Religious Need the Gospel (II)
Oct. 2, 2012Study 5: Romans 3:9-20
Everyone Needs the Gospel
Oct. 9, 2012Study 6: Romans 3:21-31
How Justification Works
Oct. 16, 2012Study 7: Romans 4:1-25
When Justification Started
Oct. 23, 2012Study 8: Romans 5:1-11
What Justification Brings
Oct. 30, 2012Study 9: Romans 5:12-21
Why Justification Comes
Nov. 6, 2012Study 10: Romans 6:1-14
Union with Christ
Nov. 13, 2012Study 11: Romans 6:15-7:6
Servants of God
Nov. 20 - Jan. 8Holiday BreakReview
Jan. 8, 2013Study 12: Romans 7:7-25
Warfare with Sin
Jan. 15, 2013Study 13: Romans 8:1-11
Fighting Sin with the Spirit
Jan. 22, 2013Study 14: Romans 8:12-27
Living as Children of God
Jan. 29, 2013Study 15: Romans 8:28-39
Facing Troubles with Confidence
Feb. 5, 2013Study 16: Romans 9:1-29
God’s Sovereignty
Feb. 12, 2013Study 17: Romans 9:30-10:21
Our Responsibility
Feb. 19, 2013Study 18: Romans 11:1-36
The Gospel and the Jews
Feb. 26, 2013Study 19: Romans 12:1-8
New Relationships: To God and the Church
Mar. 5, 2013Study 20: Romans 12:9-16
New Relationships: To Friend and Enemy
Mar. 12, 2013Study 21: Romans 13:1-14
New Relationships: To the World
Mar. 19, 2013Spring BreakReview
Mar. 26, 2013Study 22: Romans 14:1-23
New Relationships: To the Weak
April 2, 2013Study 23: Romans 15:1-16:16
Ministry and Mission